Ray Lee – Chorus

August 10, 2014

9:00pm, 9th August 2014 – Watch This Space, St Johns Church

Blimey, should I repent to Alien Gods, join the Luddites, rewatch ET or miss the Drugs that once might have made this less uninteresting?

Looking up giant alien beings reach into the distance, swinging lolloping arms of bleeping technology against the dusk sky. Their intentions are unclear. Long tripod legs remain rooted into the church grounds but look set to run. Towards or away from me? Their intentions are unclear. Where have they come from? Beetlejuice, Porton Down or a nice barn workshop in the home counties. Whatever, I don’t trust them. What starts as a gentle chorus of beeps slowly builds into a throbbing cacophony of sirens. A thousand temptresses screaming “someone’s nudged your car”. Or your intergalactic war of the worlds machine. There’s no denying these long legged tripods with alien technology have a menace born in the war of the worlds poster. Imagine a dozen of these landed in your local church and making such a din as to drown out big brother. You’d have to see what it was wouldn’t you. As I did. Drawn by the mysterious unknown into a floodlight lanscape made unfamiliar for a close encounter. more…

Abi Collins – Une Femme Exposée

July 20, 2014

12:45pm, 20th July 2014 – Watch This Space, St Johns Church

Lazy stereotypes can be very very funny if they target the right group. And this was very very funny. Water off a Russian ducks back. After all, it’s only a bit of fun.

Everyone was laughing. Quite right. The diminutive performer was expertly funny. more…

Circus Katoen – Ex Aequo

July 19, 2014

1pm, 19th July 2014 – Watch This Space, National Theatre

Circus is the only word I understand in the title of this show (which I think is Dutch) so imagine my surprise when this show wasn’t really circus. I think it was more mime. More mime because of the breton jumper and the lack of red noses. more…

Bash Street Theatre – The Strongman

July 19, 2014

5pm, 18th July 2014 – Watch This Space, St Johns Church

What do you want in the blazing sun? Black and white movie slapstick comedy theatre fun!

The evil villain, booo, is behind you! The courting lovers, aaaah, are foiled at every gag. Ladder gags, balancing tricks going wrong gags, weights that can’t be lifted gags. Huurah! more…

Miss Behave

July 6, 2014

1:30pm, 6th July 2014 – Watch This Space, St Johns Church

This was really a parents must stay creche ran by an adult entertainer feeding children sweets. more…

Circle Of Two – Bambolina & Dodo

July 5, 2014

5:30pm, 5th July 2014 – Watch This Space, St Johns Church

The drizzle stops. There’s this fella in a stripey jumper who’s got a young lad in tow. The lad’s dressed as if he spends his time up chimneys rather than at school. The man in the stripey top and painted face can’t even talk and seems to want to fob the chimney boy off on strangers. No chance. Chimney boy can’t even count backwards from ten properly. He needs us to do it for him! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 1. How we laugh. The boy, clearly bananas, laughs too! Who wants a laughing bananas chimney boy who cannot count? No matter how cute! Browsing away from the Argentina vs Brussels score on my smart phone I am searching for the NSPCC phone number when matters turn peculiar. more…

The Swing Ninjas

July 4, 2014

5pm, 4th July 2014 – Watch This Space, St Johns Church

Every song was, or could have been, off that 1980s Joe Jackson Jumpin Jive long player. Brilliant. Nice blokes, nice jokes, nice tunes. They even did the best Frankenstein movie song ever.  Some couples jive danced stage left. Which to be honest looked even more un-fun than usual being on sloping grass and in office clothes. But never mind. This was foot tapping New Orleans jazz stuff. The band performed it very well indeed. If I was to die and have a New Orleans style funeral this band would definitely be in the running for the gig. more…

2014 – Up At Em Again

July 4, 2014

After several years absence Watch This Space has returned. The traditional WTS space has long been commandeered for those paying to watch that space. In that big red wooden thing. So WTS is setting up in St John’s Church garden, home to the local park boozers and a weekly soup kitchen. Let’s see how the mumsnet mob manage. The outcome is clear. No home? No money? No rights. Security! more…

Lonnigan’s Skiffle Group

July 4, 2011

6pm, 4th July 2011 – Watch This Space, National Theatre

To celebrate American independence day Watch This Space called The Lonnigan’s Skiffle Group – some fella and his mates, a pub band from South London, knocking out American folk and roots music. The musicians, still dressed from the day job, seemed carefree about their lack of preparation. “Its in G” was heard more than once. The lead guitarist winced at his own misplaced fingers. The singer played blues harp best. The rhythm guitarist couldn’t be heard. The rhythm section went bom chugga bom chugga bom chugga bom. And the audience stole the show. more…

Marta Carillon

July 2, 2011

6pm, 2nd July 2011 – Watch This Space, National Theatre

This female singer, accompanied by a lone guitarist, appeared as part of the ‘Polish Culture Weekend’.

Marta Carillon sang in English with a faux passion salvaged from a mediocre jazz technique – all over dramatic volume changes and an uneven warble on extended words. At best she managed to hit the right notes which is more than the guitarist. more…


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