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Circus Katoen – Ex Aequo

July 19, 2014

1pm, 19th July 2014 – Watch This Space, National Theatre

Circus is the only word I understand in the title of this show (which I think is Dutch) so imagine my surprise when this show wasn’t really circus. I think it was more mime. More mime because of the breton jumper and the lack of red noses. more…


Bash Street Theatre – The Strongman

July 19, 2014

5pm, 18th July 2014 – Watch This Space, St Johns Church

What do you want in the blazing sun? Black and white movie slapstick comedy theatre fun!

The evil villain, booo, is behind you! The courting lovers, aaaah, are foiled at every gag. Ladder gags, balancing tricks going wrong gags, weights that can’t be lifted gags. Huurah! more…

The Gandinis

July 18, 2009

17 July – NightClubs – Watch This Space, NT

A juggling show at Watch This Space. Well, I’ve got to say, my expectations were low. Very low. So low that only a last minute call to work, rather than any sense of justice, prevented me reviewing Thursday’s rained-off dress rehearsal. A juggling show at Watch This Space must be worse than a damp, cold morning on Brighton beach. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This show was entrancing. more…

Circus Space

July 2, 2009

2 July (19:00 preview performance) – Watch This Space, NT

A lone trapeze artist is a difficult act to dress up, to make less dull than something as boring as, say, a lone trapeze artist simply swinging on a trapeze. And this lone trapeze artist, a 3rd year graduate from Circus Space, “the UKs premiere circus school”, really is simply swinging on a trapeze. No thrills, no frills, no somersaults, not once letting go of the trapeze –  just simple, plain old boring swinging on a trapeze. more…