The Seance

31 July – Watch This Space, NT

Hazel Doe entertains us in her Victorian parlour. She is a medium who spews ectoplasm and blinks books to fall open on the right page. Things do go bump in the darkend corner. Hazel Doe talks to those beyond and passes on messages from your dead pet. Something is coming darlin. Hazel Doe rolls her eyes and will bring tears to yours. Yes darlin, I have a voice from the other side. The hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Its him darlin, he loves you but is worried. Your laughter turns nervous as the possibilities take a darker turn. You’re not laughing now are you darlin. It’s ok to be scared but you know what you have to do now don’t you darlin?

This is not a show for children. The show starts before the beginning and is so marvellously handled you are forgiven for forgetting this is a show at all. The twist is not the most original and even somewhat clumsily introduced but it is so perfectly set up you cannot not be moved. They missed a cold reading trick that would have Doris Stokes turning in her grave but still the air chilled when the other side broke through.

Psychic medium Hazel Doe. Attend her seance.

Psychic medium Hazel Doe. Attend her seance.

I was never sure what to believe about in the beyond. Now I am less certain. But go see Hazel Doe the psychic medium in her Victorian front room should you ever be lucky enough to have the chance. She conjures the dead. Aw darlin don’t you remember?


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