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People against sugar tax, my arse

August 21, 2016

‘People Against Sugar Tax’ are corporate astroturf: right wing PR pros, some long term defenders of the tobacco industry, pretending to be something else. You can donate. You can even work for them if you fancy tweeting health busting corporate propaganda for no pay. This is a quick post looking at who these ‘people’ really are. (more…)


Garden Bridge: a Garfield Weston Foundation of misery

August 7, 2016

Garden Bridge sponsor, the Garfield Weston Foundation donates circa £50m pa to hundreds of charities. Wow. What’s not to like? Well, apart from the churlish suggestion that a few family heirs alone allocating massive resources is, er, undemocratic, let us admit such benevolence is built on tax evasion, land grabs, forced labour and the death of workers. (more…)