Bash Street Theatre – The Strongman

5pm, 18th July 2014 – Watch This Space, St Johns Church

What do you want in the blazing sun? Black and white movie slapstick comedy theatre fun!

The evil villain, booo, is behind you! The courting lovers, aaaah, are foiled at every gag. Ladder gags, balancing tricks going wrong gags, weights that can’t be lifted gags. Huurah! The exaggerated expressions of physical effort and emotional sorrow. Ahhhh. The tears of the widow were soon forgotten as her new strongman, huurah, struggles to save her from the dastardly ringmaster, booo!

Not a word was spoken. The pianist didn’t stop hammering out melodrama even when holding up prompt cards. Huurah! The swords stabbing a man in the box gag was bendingly impressive. Huurah! The benny hillesque pursuit running on the spot gag was zippy funny. Huurah! They ran amock through the audience taking surprising liberties that would have gotten anyone but a clown into trouble. Huurah!

Eventually, the lovers won through. Huurah! The villain came unstuck. Huurah! We all look for a car with no engine or floor to go home in because we all had a great time. Huurah!  Except the folk in the corporate sponsorship gazebo who sipped, nibbled and nattered amongst themselves not watching one minute of this hilarious show. Boooo! Their loss. Huurah!

The strongman pretender hides behind a cunning moustache

The strongman pretender hides behind a cunning moustache


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