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The Swing Ninjas

July 4, 2014

5pm, 4th July 2014 – Watch This Space, St Johns Church

Every song was, or could have been, off that 1980s Joe Jackson Jumpin Jive long player. Brilliant. Nice blokes, nice jokes, nice tunes. They even did the best Frankenstein movie song ever.  more…


Leafcutter John

June 22, 2009

21 June – The Clore Ballroom, RFH

The mc tells us that todays unlisted free show is by Leafcutter John, an innovator, experimenting with jazz, folk and electronica. He’s a good friend of ours! Top drawers – I imagine Robert Wyatt jazz freaking Sun Ra with synthisisers. Hats off to you Mr Coleman, what an exit for your meltdown. Beaming, I poured my coke over ice and pulled up a cube, glad to have left my missus watching tv, hogging the sofa, suffering the boys upstairs dancing on their new laminate floor. more…

Get The Blessing

June 21, 2009

20 June – The Clore Ballroom, RFH

I know diddly squat about jazz and stumbled upon my first free outing whilst chasing my missus who was having a sneaky lager in the RFH. The HITW was crowded with the wrong type of drunks back from Ascot, so my missus and Gina, visiting from the wilds of Hackney Marsh, took a wander down the South Bank. more…