Coin St Cops in SE1 Gang war?

A little known quasi-private MPS team have launched a crackdown on a possible SE1 snatch and grab moped gang.

Last year the MPS quietly started the Met Patrol Plus scheme. A hire one rozzer get one free offer open to councils and partners.

South Bank BID is a local business interest group. They decided:

The current local policing model does not provide the degree of police visibility in our neighbourhood that is expected by stakeholders.

As a Lambeth partner they got 80 hours per week of dedicated real police officers, two for the price of one, quickly nicknamed the Coin St Cops. South Bank BID were unambiguous:

Our Security Manager will determine deployment on behalf of South Bank Business Watch and the South Bank BID.

In May, an update from South Bank BID. It’s short and worth a read but:

Our two dedicated Met officers have been proactively engaging with stakeholders

The update goes on to outline the unit’s year combating the homeless, terrorism and shoplifting.

Now the unit are expanding operations to include training “other staff” in personal security and personal safety. Because:

This is becoming very prominent due to the unfortunate spike in moped assistant ‘snatch and grabs’ we are facing predominantly on Belvedere Road and Upper Ground as well as further afield.