2014 – Up At Em Again

After several years absence Watch This Space has returned. The traditional WTS space has long been commandeered for those paying to watch that space. In that big red wooden thing. So WTS is setting up in St John’s Church garden, home to the local park boozers and a weekly soup kitchen. Let’s see how the mumsnet mob manage. The outcome is clear. No home? No money? No rights. Security!

Glancing at the programme, WTS has transformed into a circus for children. No bad thing but, alas, no pretentious subsidised art for a third rate old tax paying codger like myself to get my teeth into. It all looks too much fun. I am forced to consider expanding this blog’s subject matter beyond free summer theatre. The monstrous structure that is the new Rambart rehearsal studio seems a perfectly suitable candidate subject because I know nothing about architecture as well.


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  1. Sara Says:

    And a big thank you to St Mungo’s, ” putting down roots ” gardening team who do all the work and gardening in St Johns.

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