Circus Space

2 July (19:00 preview performance) – Watch This Space, NT

A lone trapeze artist is a difficult act to dress up, to make less dull than something as boring as, say, a lone trapeze artist simply swinging on a trapeze. And this lone trapeze artist, a 3rd year graduate from Circus Space, “the UKs premiere circus school”, really is simply swinging on a trapeze. No thrills, no frills, no somersaults, not once letting go of the trapeze –  just simple, plain old boring swinging on a trapeze.  Sometimes she swings by her hands, sometimes by her leg and othertimes she swings seated. My old mum could do this, my five year old neice can definitely do it, and even I would give it a fair go. Her fellow performers, all 3rd year graduates from Circus Space, “the UKs premiere circus school”, run around making monkey noises – as if this might distract from the tedious reality of someone simply swinging on a trapeze a metre off the ground. Dull, dull, dull. One dull for each years training at Circus Space, “the UKs premiere circus school”.

Go on fall, says my missus. Now, my missus has special powers. Last week she said “I hope he dies” as we glimpsed a silent tv showing an ambulance rushing Jacko to hospital. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of my missus. So I knew things were going to liven up and no amount of training at Circus Space, “the UKs premiere circus school” was going to save this 3rd year graduate. Her minutes, or was it hours by now, of simply swinging on a trapeze were numbered. Waiting for the ineviatable, I pondered the possible curriculum of the UK’s second best circus school. A masters in face painting perhaps. Clowns robbed, for health and safety reasons, of the water in their bow ties… Then hey presto, the 3rd year graduate of “the UKs premiere circus school” was swinging simply no more. Yes, she really did fall. She probably spent too much time in the circus school student bar these past three years. That bar must be a right old laugh after all. But somehow, even simply swinging on a trapeze, she really did fall to dangle like a dead fish arched on her safety line. Hilarious. The audience gasped. NT staff rushed forward. Her fellow performers snapped into a recovery routine learnt from 3 years studying at “the UKs premiere circus school”. Our fallen fish was lowered to the ground and the audience clapped her bravery as she bravely fought back tears. I know its not big to take pleasure in the humiliation of others but when she ran off sobbing, really it was beautiful.

Next up, another female 3rd year graduate of Circus Space, “the UKs premiere circus school”, elegantly clinging to a hanging hula hoop. She stretched this way and then craned the other way in a sort of metre high yoga workout. Tedious as hell of course. No danger, no thrills, just a mildly arousing display of contortion, her legs twisted to uncomfortable places. As my missus pointed out – if she lost the leotard and leggings, and did herself up a bit, she might just make a half decent pole dancer.

Three years at the “the UKs premiere circus school” for this tosh? These bloody clowns.

Circus Space

Circus Space are in residence at Watch This Space (outside the National Theatre) all this weekend, ending at 14:00 Sun 5 July.


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  1. Anon Says:

    I totally agree with this review, this was an utterly terrible performance and the heads at Circus Space should never have allowed it to leave the rehearsal space.

    Luckily, they have left Circus Space now and cannot blight the building any longer.

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