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Prodigal Theatre’s Urban Playground

July 26, 2009

24 July – Parkour Fusion – Watch This Space, NT

“Urban” will sell any old rubbish to the suburban these days. Remove the “urban” and replace the ‘urban’ music with, say, “Greased Lightening” and this show was simply very bad dance that wouldn’t survive for ten seconds in the West End. The men did some mildly impressive moves, my particular favourite was one fella standing on his head and making a show of falling over, but mostly they postured like mtv gansta rappers posing as Mussolini (you know, arms crossed, hands gripping elbows, chin pushed forward and up). more…



July 10, 2009

9 July – Loved Up (dress rehearsal) – Watch This Space, NT

I am an old fart uncle who finds joy in embarassing my teenage neices with, amongst other things, my rubbish disco dancing. They talk in alien tongues and wear clothes I consider too skimpy. This is the way things should be. Its the generation gap, an old gap not to be bridged. And here’s the rub: youth culture, by definition, cannot belong to essentially middle-aged national institutions. Youth culture will not be subsidised. more…