Marta Carillon

6pm, 2nd July 2011 – Watch This Space, National Theatre

This female singer, accompanied by a lone guitarist, appeared as part of the ‘Polish Culture Weekend’.

Marta Carillon sang in English with a faux passion salvaged from a mediocre jazz technique – all over dramatic volume changes and an uneven warble on extended words. At best she managed to hit the right notes which is more than the guitarist.

This was Pearl The Singer without the self understanding. My boredom turned to pity and eventually anger about half way through “Every Breath You Take”. The bewildered audience, at least those not asleep or stupified with a mid-distance stare, sniggered when she announced “Fever”.

This was bland music to be talked over in a crappy coastal resort hotel. This rubbish would not earn a penny next to a stoned Australian singing “Hey Jude” on the underground. This nonsense, performed not to be sung along with, would be heckled by deaf pensioners waiting for bingo.

That this was described as Polish culture, as it was by the National Theatre, is an insult to the Poles. The Watch This Space programme director was seen leaving before the end of the second song. What on earth have the Poles done to make him hate them so?

Polish singer Marta Carillon

Pearl The Singer without the self understanding


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  1. Joanna Moch Says:

    Amazing performance…brilliant personality…very talented artist!

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