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Mamma Mia The Party in Waterloo nightmare

September 9, 2017

Following on from the Garden Bridge there’s more conflict brewing between Waterloo residents and Coin Street Community Builders (CSCB). Abba hope to build a restaurant cum nightclub in a residential neighbourhood on land ear marked for social housing. CSCB, who will rake in the rent, love the idea. Residents, who will endure never ending drunk renditions of the same few Abba hooks, seem less keen.



People against sugar tax, my arse

August 21, 2016

‘People Against Sugar Tax’ are corporate astroturf: right wing PR pros, some long term defenders of the tobacco industry, pretending to be something else. You can donate. You can even work for them if you fancy tweeting health busting corporate propaganda for no pay. This is a quick post looking at who these ‘people’ really are. (more…)

Garden Bridge: a Garfield Weston Foundation of misery

August 7, 2016

Garden Bridge sponsor, the Garfield Weston Foundation donates circa £50m pa to hundreds of charities. Wow. What’s not to like? Well, apart from the churlish suggestion that a few family heirs alone allocating massive resources is, er, undemocratic, let us admit such benevolence is built on tax evasion, land grabs, forced labour and the death of workers. (more…)

Alexander Lebedev, the Panama Papers & other WTF coincidences!

July 31, 2016

From planet earth the sun and moon look the same size. Mark Twain was born and died on subsequent passings of Halley’s comet. Both “Alexander Lebedev” and “Evgeny Lebedev” appear in the Panama Papers yet these are not the ex-KGB oligarch press baron and his dandy son of the same names. (more…)

Property Tax Fact: Lambeth 35 times cheaper than Brussels

July 28, 2016

A $1m home in Brussels pays $113,000 tax pa. In Lambeth it pays $3,312.

The housing crisis is not a mystery. (more…)

Ian Taylor, the Garden Bridge and war

July 16, 2016

The Garden Bridge are “thrilled” to be sponsored by the Taylor Family Foundation. An hour on Google can drive you to despair – what a dirty, bloody business this bridge building is. (more…)

Tom Watson Voting Record & brief CV

July 15, 2016

As the party heavyweight plots to scalp yet another leader let’s see what’s what with Tom Watson. He is a lefty, right?

Where to start? Where else:

Watson voted for the Iraq war and against an inquiry into the Iraq war. He voted for troops in Afghanistan and he voted to bomb Syria. He didn’t turn up for the vote on bombing Libya yet castigated an opponent about the possibility of sending troops. (more…)

Coin St Cops in SE1 Gang war?

June 3, 2016

A little known quasi-private MPS team have launched a crackdown on a possible SE1 snatch and grab moped gang.

Last year the MPS quietly started the Met Patrol Plus scheme. A hire one rozzer get one free offer open to councils and partners.

South Bank BID is a local business interest group. more

Housing Crisis Fact: NYC & London Tax

June 2, 2016

In NYC a £10m house pays £100k tax per year. In Westminster it pays £1,300.

There’s your London housing crisis right there. more

Glencore, bringing the Garden Bridge and child labour together

May 31, 2016

Founding Garden Bridge sponsor Glencore are often described as “controversial“. After a quick search, knee deep in PR, their activities read like a blueprint for the heartless incorporated pursuit of profit:

  • Bribe and/or cut a deal with powerful
  • Steal assets
  • Use the local police and death squads
  • Use child labour
  • Poison water
  • Trade stolen commodities
  • Speculate on hunger
  • Evade taxes