Ray Lee – Chorus

9:00pm, 9th August 2014 – Watch This Space, St Johns Church

Blimey, should I repent to Alien Gods, join the Luddites, rewatch ET or miss the Drugs that once might have made this less uninteresting?

Looking up giant alien beings reach into the distance, swinging lolloping arms of bleeping technology against the dusk sky. Their intentions are unclear. Long tripod legs remain rooted into the church grounds but look set to run. Towards or away from me? Their intentions are unclear. Where have they come from? Beetlejuice, Porton Down or a nice barn workshop in the home counties. Whatever, I don’t trust them. What starts as a gentle chorus of beeps slowly builds into a throbbing cacophony of sirens. A thousand temptresses screaming “someone’s nudged your car”. Or your intergalactic war of the worlds machine. There’s no denying these long legged tripods with alien technology have a menace born in the war of the worlds poster. Imagine a dozen of these landed in your local church and making such a din as to drown out big brother. You’d have to see what it was wouldn’t you. As I did. Drawn by the mysterious unknown into a floodlight lanscape made unfamiliar for a close encounter.

Their intentions are unclear. Like many others experiencing this I lay down and closed my eyes, drowning in hypnotic beep titty beep. woarrrr. The obligatory low drone, engine heart or fart, ensuring no escape. I dreamt myself in our sainsbury local, using the mother of self checkout machines. Beepity beep, that is forty two pounds and fifty seven pence thankyou very much, enjoy your life with us. Is that it? Is this an ode to our future already here? Where everywhere is scanned and everything is scannable? Our shopping, our electricity, our movements all captured and stored for someone else to study. Beepity beep, that’s two hundred fifty thousand pounds and ninety nine pence, thankyou for shopping with us and have a nice war.

At which point I was awoken by some new arrivals interrupting their homeward bound pub crawl to see what the racket in the dark was, “look at this crap” he yelled at two women less than a meter away clipping my foot with his step. Another time I might have remonstrated his drunken mistake but today I was grateful for being woken. What idiot fantasist conjuers supreme beings to comfort and guide us? The shadow of St John, this nineteenth century Greek call to work, solid against the traffic of Waterloo Road, was inescapable. Dark now the tripod alien shopping scanners flashed red neons in their directional speakers revealing God to be in my mind. Beepity beep beep. It became impossible to pick one from the other. Not that I was really trying. I was thinking back a few decades. Watching scores of Australian brothers and sisters swinging whirly corrugated pipes above their heads in unison as dusk fell over the Thursday of Glastonbury festival. Thanks to mushroom tea that was far out man.

Massive Noisy Barcode Scanners

Massive Noisy Barcode Scanners Array


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