Extremist Lambeth Labour Councillor Alex Bigham Moves Against Democratic Process To Zero Fanfare Shock

Lambeth Labour Councillor Alex Bigham has started a petition calling for the Labour Party to halt the leadership election because he claims “we are seeing widespread infiltration”. He offers no evidence of wide spread infiltration. The Labour Party insist this is not the case and has barred only 1,200 people out of 610,000.

At the time of writing, some 17 hours later, Cllr Bigham’s tweet announcing the petition has received zero retweets and four unsupportive replies.

His petition is actually losing signatories. Earlier today it was steady at 16, now it is 15.

In contrast, a petition to allow comedian Mark Steel, one of the banned infiltrators so feared by Bigham, a vote has 3,100 signatures and climbing.

Bigham is a member of the extremist Progress organisation, a group that organises within the Labour Party to peddle right wing corporate friendly policy. Haggard war criminal Tony Blair is their leading light. That Liz Kendell, the leadership candidate favoured by Bigham and the Progress organisation, is running last in the polls probably helps explain Bigham’s peculiar petition.

Councillor Bigham currently works doing PR for Ark, a chain of academy schools. Previously he was a political advisor to Stephen Twigg (another Progress organisation member) and also did PR for various political organisations.

Alex Bigham

Alex Bigham, PR Guru & Petitioner Against Democracy

Update Saturday 15th Aug (2 days later)

A counter petition calling for Alex Bigham to be ejected from the Labour Party for antidemocratic tendencies has got 82 signatures in 8 hours. This number is rising rapidly with double figures forecast by lunchtime.

Cllr Bigham’s petition has yet to regain the heady 16 peak of days ago. He remains with only 15 signatories.


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