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Labour Eagle Moves Against Working Class Women

April 14, 2016

In a not really all that shocking show of contempt for working class women, Angela Eagle, Labour Minister and warmonger, has appointed Jack The Ripper fan and museum entrepreneur Linda Riley to be Labour’s Business Diversity Officer. more…


Follow Jack Monroe Fight Poverty

August 31, 2015

Jack Monroe has removed the words “social justice warrior” from her twitter profile. Cooking on gas in never never land you’ve got to wonder, was she ever?

Jack Monroe is up for Barclays Campaigner Of The Year from the European Diversity Awards, an annual corporate shitfest run by Linda Riley. Riley has a business interest in the Ripper museum. Campaigners asked if Monroe was aware of the connection. Monroe tweeted back a list of ten responses avoiding the question. more…

Keep Calm, I’m A Rapist – Ranting Against The Ripper Museum Culture

August 10, 2015

A champion of corporate diversity diversifies into monetising the mutilation of working class women. I dig deep and go a little mental trying to work out what it is with the new Jack the Ripper museum. If it has never occurred to you that your iPod full of a gazillion tunes is not entirely divorced from everyday brutality then hold onto your long player and keep reading. It just might make some sense. (more…)

Ripper Museum Diversity Champion Purged

August 7, 2015

Self proclaimed corporate diversity champion Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe has been purged from at least three diversity web sites, presumably for his diversification into monetizing the murder of working class women with his soon to be opened Jack The Ripper Museum. more…