Circus Katoen – Ex Aequo

1pm, 19th July 2014 – Watch This Space, National Theatre

Circus is the only word I understand in the title of this show (which I think is Dutch) so imagine my surprise when this show wasn’t really circus. I think it was more mime. More mime because of the breton jumper and the lack of red noses.

Sure they had a couple of balancing tricks but no slapstick. They had a trousers falling down chase scene that got no laughs. I would not have thought that possible. Instead of shooting water from flowers the young couple huffed together their arms and threw each other dagger looks in a tea party preenactment of an adult domestic hell.

This show was like watching  your kids playing at Terry and June through the medium of juggling garden tools.

I'm not going to the gardern centre mimed one artist to another without using stilts

I’m not going to the garden centre mimed one young artist to another without the use of stilts


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