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Millenium String Quartet

July 18, 2009

17 July – Level 5 Function Room, RFH

Comrades, despite heroic efforts, this night our revolutionary struggle suffered. We took the fight to the enemy but treachery was our down fall. So we may learn to win the war, let me recount, in all truth, the Battle of The 5th Floor Function Room. The rain was decisive. A silent disco, moved indoors, forcing us from the Clore into the 5th Floor Function Room. Our numbers far exceeded the fire limit of this smaller room and many campaneros were locked out. We were all ages and all colours, all eagerly anticipating revolutionary instruction. The hoity-toity, their gowns and robes, sat amongst us unmolested. more…



July 10, 2009

9 July – Loved Up (dress rehearsal) – Watch This Space, NT

I am an old fart uncle who finds joy in embarassing my teenage neices with, amongst other things, my rubbish disco dancing. They talk in alien tongues and wear clothes I consider too skimpy. This is the way things should be. Its the generation gap, an old gap not to be bridged. And here’s the rub: youth culture, by definition, cannot belong to essentially middle-aged national institutions. Youth culture will not be subsidised. more…

Circus Space

July 2, 2009

2 July (19:00 preview performance) – Watch This Space, NT

A lone trapeze artist is a difficult act to dress up, to make less dull than something as boring as, say, a lone trapeze artist simply swinging on a trapeze. And this lone trapeze artist, a 3rd year graduate from Circus Space, “the UKs premiere circus school”, really is simply swinging on a trapeze. No thrills, no frills, no somersaults, not once letting go of the trapeze –  just simple, plain old boring swinging on a trapeze. more…

Leafcutter John

June 22, 2009

21 June – The Clore Ballroom, RFH

The mc tells us that todays unlisted free show is by Leafcutter John, an innovator, experimenting with jazz, folk and electronica. He’s a good friend of ours! Top drawers – I imagine Robert Wyatt jazz freaking Sun Ra with synthisisers. Hats off to you Mr Coleman, what an exit for your meltdown. Beaming, I poured my coke over ice and pulled up a cube, glad to have left my missus watching tv, hogging the sofa, suffering the boys upstairs dancing on their new laminate floor. more…

Get The Blessing

June 21, 2009

20 June – The Clore Ballroom, RFH

I know diddly squat about jazz and stumbled upon my first free outing whilst chasing my missus who was having a sneaky lager in the RFH. The HITW was crowded with the wrong type of drunks back from Ascot, so my missus and Gina, visiting from the wilds of Hackney Marsh, took a wander down the South Bank. more…