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Tom Watson Voting Record & brief CV

July 15, 2016

As the party heavyweight plots to scalp yet another leader let’s see what’s what with Tom Watson. He is a lefty, right?

Where to start? Where else:

Watson voted for the Iraq war and against an inquiry into the Iraq war. He voted for troops in Afghanistan and he voted to bomb Syria. He didn’t turn up for the vote on bombing Libya yet castigated an opponent about the possibility of sending troops. (more…)


Labour Eagle Moves Against Working Class Women

April 14, 2016

In a not really all that shocking show of contempt for working class women, Angela Eagle, Labour Minister and warmonger, has appointed Jack The Ripper fan and museum entrepreneur Linda Riley to be Labour’s Business Diversity Officer. more…

Labour Deputy Leader Candidates – War Mongers, The Bloody Lot

August 15, 2015

They don’t make it easy. Corbyn of course and Wolmar just. No second preferences. £3 into this my mind turned to the Labour Party deputy leadership. more…

Extremist Lambeth Labour Councillor Alex Bigham Moves Against Democratic Process To Zero Fanfare Shock

August 14, 2015

Lambeth Labour Councillor Alex Bigham has started a petition calling for the Labour Party to halt the leadership election because he claims “we are seeing widespread infiltration”. He offers no evidence of wide spread infiltration. more…