Tom Watson Voting Record & brief CV

As the party heavyweight plots to scalp yet another leader let’s see what’s what with Tom Watson. He is a lefty, right?

Where to start? Where else:

Watson voted for the Iraq war and against an inquiry into the Iraq war. He voted for troops in Afghanistan and he voted to bomb Syria. He didn’t turn up for the vote on bombing Libya yet castigated an opponent about the possibility of sending troops.

Watson promised support to a Tory Prime Minister to retain Trident. He supports NATO.

Watson voted for tuition fees and foundation hospitals. He also joined the Tory assault on the most vulnerable in our society by failing to oppose the Welfare Reform Bill.

He voted against a register of lobbyists. He voted for ID cards and for anti-terrorism laws such as indefinite detention. He voted for a stricter asylum system.

Watson once produced an election leaflet denigrating asylum seekers because, as he later explained, he wanted to win “at all costs”.

As part of the expenses scandal the Telegraph revealed Watson made a nice wedge purchasing the freehold of a flat after claiming £100,000 expenses. He once claimed the annual maximum £4,800 on grub and got a pizza wheel thrown in.

Watson was involved in student politics and briefly worked in advertising. Watson’s political career was launched as an advisor to Tony Blair’s favourite union boss Ken Jackson. Jackson, fiercely pro privatisation and beneficiary of ballot rigging, vice chaired the murky Trade Union Committee for European and Transatlantic Understanding allegedly funded by NATO and the Foreign Office.

Watson is vice-chair of Trade Union Friends of Israel and “robustly” opposes any boycott.

Voting record from TheyWorkForYou.