Labour Deputy Leader Candidates – War Mongers, The Bloody Lot

They don’t make it easy. Corbyn of course and Wolmar just. No second preferences. £3 into this my mind turned to the Labour Party deputy leadership.

For all their fine blathering about this and that, the first thing I want to know is the foreign policy voting record of parliamentarians. I took a quick look.

Labour Deputy Leader Candidates & Trident

“Sure, I’d become death” pitched the contestants

All candidates voted for replacing Trident and for the use of UK military forces overseas. With the exception of Creasy, it was before her time, they voted for the Iraq war and against an investigation into the Iraq war.

War mongers, the bloody lot.

View the foreign policy voting records on for Ben Bradshaw, Stella CreasyTom Watson, Caroline Flint and Angela Eagle .


All candidates also failed to oppose the Welfare Reform bill.