Lonnigan’s Skiffle Group

July 4, 2011

6pm, 4th July 2011 – Watch This Space, National Theatre

To celebrate American independence day Watch This Space called The Lonnigan’s Skiffle Group – some fella and his mates, a pub band from South London, knocking out American folk and roots music. The musicians, still dressed from the day job, seemed carefree about their lack of preparation. “Its in G” was heard more than once. The lead guitarist winced at his own misplaced fingers. The singer played blues harp best. The rhythm guitarist couldn’t be heard. The rhythm section went bom chugga bom chugga bom chugga bom. And the audience stole the show. more…

Marta Carillon

July 2, 2011

6pm, 2nd July 2011 – Watch This Space, National Theatre

This female singer, accompanied by a lone guitarist, appeared as part of the ‘Polish Culture Weekend’.

Marta Carillon sang in English with a faux passion salvaged from a mediocre jazz technique – all over dramatic volume changes and an uneven warble on extended words. At best she managed to hit the right notes which is more than the guitarist. more…

Teatr Biuro Podróży – Planet Lem

July 2, 2011

1st July 2001 – Watch This Space, National Theatre

From the people who previously bought Pigs On Stilts to the Southbank – it’s Scary Aliens On Stilts! How cool is that?

This is a science-fiction, physical-theatre extravaganza. A post-singularity dystopian world with aliens, evil machine descendents of toasters, bloated human slaves, a hero, a robotic side kick, a tent, projections and a white knuckle techno sound track. And stilts! How cool is that? Stilts are always cool. more…

It’s 2011 In Austerity Britain

July 2, 2011

Welcome to the summer of 2011 in austerity Britain. Jobs are scarce and pensions ransacked. Bigwigs grow richer, bitterly defending their European project with a narrow selection of half truths on News At Ten. “Supermarket shelf stackers should despise the gold-plated pensions of teachers” the newscasters repeatedly parrot. But this is not a blog on politics. This is a blog about subsidised art.

Lottery ticket sales are rising. Yes, the stupid poor, desperate for riches they will never win, seem ever more happy to finance art events they will never attend. Rollover indeed.

Matthew Robins’ The death of Flyboy

August 9, 2009

8 August – Watch This Space, NT

Twee nonsense sung by an annoying tw*t.  Rubbish music. Rubbish cartoons. Rubbish story.  Just rubbish. more…

Fullstop Acrobatics

August 9, 2009

31 July – Waiting On You – Watch This Space, NT

This was a gentle charming display of competent aerial acrobatics. But yawn, more aerial acrobatics. Once you’ve seen one person swing on a long sheet you’ve seen them all. more…

The Seance

August 8, 2009

31 July – Watch This Space, NT

Hazel Doe entertains us in her Victorian parlour. She is a medium who spews ectoplasm and blinks books to fall open on the right page. Things do go bump in the darkend corner. Hazel Doe talks to those beyond and passes on messages from your dead pet. Something is coming darlin. Hazel Doe rolls her eyes and will bring tears to yours. Yes darlin, I have a voice from the other side. The hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Its him darlin, he loves you but is worried. Your laughter turns nervous as the possibilities take a darker turn. You’re not laughing now are you darlin. It’s ok to be scared but you know what you have to do now don’t you darlin? more…

Prodigal Theatre’s Urban Playground

July 26, 2009

24 July – Parkour Fusion – Watch This Space, NT

“Urban” will sell any old rubbish to the suburban these days. Remove the “urban” and replace the ‘urban’ music with, say, “Greased Lightening” and this show was simply very bad dance that wouldn’t survive for ten seconds in the West End. The men did some mildly impressive moves, my particular favourite was one fella standing on his head and making a show of falling over, but mostly they postured like mtv gansta rappers posing as Mussolini (you know, arms crossed, hands gripping elbows, chin pushed forward and up). more…

The Gandinis

July 18, 2009

17 July – NightClubs – Watch This Space, NT

A juggling show at Watch This Space. Well, I’ve got to say, my expectations were low. Very low. So low that only a last minute call to work, rather than any sense of justice, prevented me reviewing Thursday’s rained-off dress rehearsal. A juggling show at Watch This Space must be worse than a damp, cold morning on Brighton beach. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This show was entrancing. more…

Millenium String Quartet

July 18, 2009

17 July – Level 5 Function Room, RFH

Comrades, despite heroic efforts, this night our revolutionary struggle suffered. We took the fight to the enemy but treachery was our down fall. So we may learn to win the war, let me recount, in all truth, the Battle of The 5th Floor Function Room. The rain was decisive. A silent disco, moved indoors, forcing us from the Clore into the 5th Floor Function Room. Our numbers far exceeded the fire limit of this smaller room and many campaneros were locked out. We were all ages and all colours, all eagerly anticipating revolutionary instruction. The hoity-toity, their gowns and robes, sat amongst us unmolested. more…


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